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L:ast Chance?

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I believe France as we know and love it, has a last chance to survive as it is.

If a majority of French voters do not cast their lot for Marine Le Pen, then France will be finished.

Already, the political elite have ganged up on Marine (As they did when her father Jean Marie came a close second to Chirrac in 2002) and have boosted a Straw Man into the electoral race; the odious Michel Barnier: who has proceeded to try and eat Marine's lunch by waxing lyrical about mass immigration etc.

Hopefully, this topic will continue to wake up this forum!


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39 minutes ago, Gardian said:

Two windups in a week, is one (or even two) too many.


I would be interested as to whether you think this article is a "wind up".


  • "It is like humidity in a house. Initially the threat is invisible...." ‚ÄĒ Boualem Sansal, Algerian novelist,¬†L'Express.

  • Bfmtv¬†interviewed Fewzi Benhabib, a resident of Saint-Denis. Since his arrival from Algeria 25 years ago, he found in France the ideology from which he was fleeing in his former country "For the Islamists, it is a question of Islamizing modernity, not modernizing Islam."

  • Next year, France will decide to try to save itself or continue to sink. Either way, it will unleash a tsunami that will not stop at its borders and instead flood all of Western Europe.

  • "Where Islam takes hold, it is forever. Islamism is based on Islam, which no one has the right to criticize. But in your countries it also plays a role in democracy and in the rule of law. Islamism exploits these values. Since democracy recognizes all opinions, from the far right to the far left, it is obliged to recognize Islam as well. All those who do not commit attacks or violent acts are, in principle, protected in a state of law. Islamism thus immediately finds itself in a conquered terrain. It is necessary to fight Islamism from the beginning. Because it is like humidity in a house. Initially the threat is invisible, it penetrates the walls which, little by little, crumble. When you realize it is too late, you have to destroy everything to clean up. It becomes a mission impossible. France is at the stage where it has just discovered that Islam is eroding her home".

  • ¬†

    In the book Grand Manipulateur, the journalist Marc Endeweld reveals what France's President Emmanuel Macron says in private on the sensitive issues of immigration:

    "The Elys√©e employees have confided to me that in recent months, especially on the issue of immigration, Macron has not hesitated, in front of his colleagues, to take up √Čric Zemmour's formulas on the Great Replacement. He is obsessed with it".

    The ostensible "fault" of the French historian Georges Bensoussan was to declare on the radio that immigrants from Middle Eastern countries absorb anti-Semitism from an early age like "mother's milk." He was put on trial for incitement to hatred and finally cleared after four years. Bensoussan recently told Le Figaro what is happening to his country:

    "For safety reasons, Jewish children have massively abandoned public education. In the suburbs, there is a climate that recalls the worst memories of the Jewish Maghreb. It is a French defeat and not a Jewish defeat, because the whole of French society is threatened by what threatens Jews today. The Seine-Saint-Denis has lost 80% of its Jewish population in 20 years".

    Link to complete article.




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I've always thought the biggest threat to France is the French themselves. Macron is the 4th president I've experienced since moving here and just like his predecessors he's been unable to push through the radical changes that are desperately needed because the general public won't accept change of any description. They are programmed from birth to live a certain way and any attempt to alter this results in meltdown and protest such as the Gilet Jaune disruption in 2019 which ended in a climbdown from the government. Macron has already tried to head off similar protests over rising fuel and energy costs by handing out 100 euro bribes to a huge chunk of the population and promising price freezes until Spring next year which no doubt will be extended until just past the election date.

I cannot see any other result than another five more years of EM because the opposition is so fractured but it will be closer and more interesting this time.

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38 minutes ago, Gluestick said:

I always say that there is nothing like a well balanced,  carefully considered and intelligent response.

And, that is nothing like a well balanced,  carefully considered and intelligent response!



I think ET speaks for the whole of France.

She is quite correct....it's ZZZEEEEEE

France is in a very sorry place....as Wooly said on the other thread.


Imagine for a minute that you had two very far wing nutters against Boris. The UK media would be in meltdown. 


Imagine for a minute that the only one that could beat them was Macron. Who is more twisted than them all put together. 


Brexit Britain does not look so bad does it ?

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1 hour ago, alittlebitfrench said:

Imagine for a minute that you had two very far wing nutters against Boris. The UK media would be in meltdown.

Brexit Britain does not look so bad does it ?

In order:

1. Oh I wish we did! Bozo is a cross between a Greenie and a Socialist:

2. I wish I could agree: sadly, I cannot, as I am looking ahead to the unavoidable and incipient disasters ahead...


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  On 31/10/2021 at 07:54, NormanH said:

The author


and the source of the article


I replied with:-

Play the ball please - not the man ( meaning, address the subject matter, not the source)

But it was obscured beneath the "expand" banner.

So, can you play this ball please Norman?

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