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Fish and Ships

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I really can’t believe that you’d run much, if any, risk of being vandalised driving a French car at the moment.

More to the point for me would be the wisdom of committing to travel until you know which way things are heading.  It won’t take much for French fishermen to block Channel ports and Eurotunnel unless the current spat is sorted out pdq.

Another Brexit success story.

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I really don't think you would have any issues in Wales. 

England though, ooh I dunno about that.

😁  😁   😁

You still need the day 2 tests you know but you can have lateral flow ones now.

I don't see how fishermen could block the tunnel TBH, and I doubt they would bother with Dover - it's not exactly a fishing port is it. You're more likely to find yourself held up by Insulate Britain demonstrators glued to the road I think.

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17 hours ago, DraytonBoy said:

The French will target the fishing ports where UK trawlers land their catch as that is really what the dispute is all about.


The Brits in the UK will target a French car parked in a car park. Especially if they are a Daily Mail reader. 

Give it a good keying.

Naa, I might give it a miss.


Love to go to the UK mind you. 

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