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Strange Convoy

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Just back form a few days walking around Lorient and the Blavet.  Coming back on the N165 east of Vannes, we were stuck with the rest of the traffic in the outside lane whilst a police BMW biked blocked traffic from overtaking 3 large blue lorries with flashing blue lights.  After about 15 mins, he went into the inside lane and allowed some of the backed up traffic to pass the convoy.  Could not see any markings or windows in the lorries, nor hazard signs (biological or radiation  hazard).  Just after we passed, the traffic was shut off directly behind us by the second biker and we enjoyed about 15 mins of almost car free driving down the motor way.

I have looked up on the internet for pictures of convoys on the the French roads, and the only similar pictures are of moving large amounts of cash through Paris.  The police presence on the convoy was limited to just two (visible) police motorbikes, very light for anything of value.  I did wonder, given Brest is at the end of the road if it was something interesting from the SSN/BNs.


Any ideas?

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We’ll never know for sure, of course.

Cash ...... a bit doubtful, given the small Police presence.

Something ‘nuclear’ .......... anything like that is moved in the dead of night.

Prisoners ........ seems the most likely to me.  

Why 3 vans?   It would make it more difficult for an ‘intervention’ for the bad guys to select the right van.

But I’m clutching at straws.  It’s money, nasty material, or people.  What else?

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