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Eric Zemmour

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Well the latest poll puts Zemmour in the final round with Macron. I doubt he would win (should he declare that is!) and unless he does so it is probably Macron-V- Le Pen again. He should put us all out of our misery and declare; must be good for his book sales anyway! I hope he does declare and furthermore hope he becomes President!! Politics needs a good shake up. 

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He doesn't give me the impression of being an attention seeker or even have a 'Mussolini' feel. Of course his views won't be popular with the 'left' It is almost a given that anyone with views regarding controlling immigrants is automatically viewed as a 'Mussolini' or 'Hitler'. It is the default position every time and of course stifles serious debate.

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11 hours ago, anotherbanana said:

Paragraph 4 would get the British vote, largely

Zemmour, in my view talks sense, well most of the time I think! He is right with regards the accord, why should France allow a British border on French soil. Not that it of any use! And illegal immigrants should be returned but obviously there isn't a mechanism that allows that to happen, someone slipped up when the accord was signed!! It's all, academic  anyway; he still hasn't declared and even if he does and gets to the final round the French will simply (as they are doing already) compare him to Hitler, why I don't know. The left hate him and the public fall for the nonsense spouted about him. People I speak to simply say "he is far right' without any idea what his policies would be (me neither actually as he hasn't stated any) Presumably, should he declare , one policy would be to do something about immigration. A 'Trump wall' perhaps! I'm afraid another Macron term beckons.

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