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A Nightmare Week


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Well, it started with the artisans starting on the refurb of the bathroom, but that bit of the last week was self-inflicted.  The rest of it, less so.

We use whatsapp quite a lot, principally for communication with family & friends - just so much more ‘instant’ than email. 

Anyway, we were a few weeks ago (by them) that our prehistoric iphone wouldn’t work in 6 mths time, so we’d need to do something.  I’ll admit that an iphone4 of 20+ yrs old is getting more than a bit elderly, but it has done everything that we needed ......... albeit with a bit if coaxing !

However, reality kicks in and we bought a reconditioned iphone8.  First problem, to get everything transferred.  The vendor (Boulanger) have a €20 service, but there was an immediate problem.  The SIM cards aren’t compatible.  Need to order a new one from SFR before they can do anything.

That took 6 days, and no SFR, it isn’t as easy as your horrible website says it is ............ to do anything !

SIM card arrived, but you then have to prise it apart from all it’s cardboard layers and then ‘activate’ it.  Problem then was that I’d (admittedly stupidly) zapped my SFR password ........... and in order to activate the bloody thing, it wants your password.

So, there we were ............ no usable mobile phone and no email.   Plus, the internet went down after the weekend storm.

It took me hours to eventually find a solution which worked.  Once I was able to activate the new phone’s SIM card, I was able to receive a message with a new temporary SFR password.   The problem was that we had no email and no SMS messaging + it is impossible to speak to a human being - it’s all FAQ’s & software that sends you back to the place where you were 10 mins ago. Disappearing up your own backside comes to mind.

Everything was transferred by Boulanger OK and the bathroom work has been completed excellently by the local lads, so the world is now a lot better down here than it was a few days ago !!!


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