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Gas price

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If it helps: I had a delivery in August 2021 = Price 1.11€ per ltr.        Before that: December 2020 = Price 1.19€ per ltr.  Before that: March 2020 =Price 1.10€ per ltr (that is in total, tva etc)

You can see from that the price varies according to market forces. Generally though over several years, as you would expect, prices go up. I have had a 'warning' recently that gas prices will increase considerably soon!!! Obviously the company want me to fill up but as I only had a 're-fill' in August I don't need to.

My own view is that (LPG) gas will be considerably more expensive in the coming months and if I had the opportunity to 'top up' I would do so. I have found in the past that the company have been quite fair and warned me of price increases to come which gave me the opportunity to 'top up' before I needed to so saving a few 'bob'!

 There is an energy crisis on the way, manufactured or otherwise. It means gas, electricity and oil will all become more expensive. What I'm always a little bemused by is that when there is a shortage, increasing the price always solves it!!!!!

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