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Oh for pity's sake - who dun this ?


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Who - what - how - did all this horrible new layout happen ?

What the heck is going on ?

I look at the 'topics' and on page 1 they date back 15 years, and talk about 2009.

What the ----, ----, -----------,  how the ???????

So how are we supposed to find the NEWEST topics, the last new comments made in the last few days.   I cannot see a way of changing the selections under the menu grid on the right hand side of the screen.   Lots of wonderful options - but NOT one that lets you choose topics in ascending or descending order (ie latest first, top of the list, as in e-mails).

Didn't anyone ask us for our comments ?

This is horrible.:classic_angry::classic_angry::classic_angry::classic_angry::classic_angry::classic_angry:


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