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Testing Photo Upload - never managed it before yipee!


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Thanks. On our way North through Norway from Normandy a couple of years ago up to the Arctic Circle.  My wife deciding to put on a warmer jacket. She got one side pannier for a 4 week, 10,000 km trip, I got the pannier on the other side. Temperatures ranged from 6°C at the circle to 38°C in Bratislava on the return trip. The top box is for the tech stuff, foul weather clothing and dried fruit.

No not a Lambretta! ?  2013 Honda Pan European ST 1300 V4 ABS 120 hp.  Just back on Friday 24 Sept  from a 17 day 2500 km trip down to Provence, Corsica and the Pyrenees.


Stop to eat breakfast on the way to Propriano,  0800, just off the ferry.



Col de Bavella, Zonzza, lunch time view a couple of days later.

I was very envious of your ability to put up photos NormanH, could never manage it with the old system.

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More lovely photos, much appreciated.


We stayed at Olargues many years ago before much restoration got going. We were very lucky to get a bargain at a Silence hotel, beautiful room sharing private swimming pool with one other room, but nobody was staying in that. I can’t swim, but it felt luxurious to have it - we were much younger then and impressionable! It was a lovely area and so peaceful.

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