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Not sure if any one lives on the Island????????????? Well not those who post here at any rate???? but just in case i was think about popping over for a week in Jan/Feb on the car ferry. Any prob's with a mainland French car( dept 11) and what would be the highlights of a weeks touring around the island? What are the must see places?


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Northern Corsica was featured in our August edition '04 http://www.livingfrance.com/lvfra/content/article.asp?ArticleID=74 (taster) - some further info for you:



Tourist Office (general): www.visit-corsica.com
Bastia Tourist Office: www.bastia-tourisme.com
Calvi Tourist Office: www.tourisme.fr/calvi




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Hi Richard,

Well we do live on the island, in Calvi, and hopefully we can answer some of your questions.

First of all, there won't be any problem with your car reg. Be warned though that ferries at that time of year are quite sporadic, and at the moment there seems to be a big question mark over SNCM (other ferry co is Corsican Ferries).

Depending on what you are interested in will depend on where you should go, if you have specific interests then we can try to point you more in the right direction. The island is extremely scenic and there are lots of great drives to do, and beautiful places to visit.

However . . . . a few points which may be useful to bear in mind:

At that time of year, many places (hotels, restaurants etc) will be closed so call in advance.  For example, Bonifacio is an amazing place but in Jan/Feb is a ghost town.

The main roads are generally very good, well signposted etc, and the road up the east coast, while not very interesting, is a quick way to get from south to north. However, a lot of other roads are very windy and narrow, and while extremely scenic quite hairaising too!  Generally it takes a lot longer than you may think to get from A to B.

Also at that time of year, in the higher parts of the island there will most likely be a good amount of snow, particularly around the Col de Vizzavona (between Corte and Ajaccio) which can quite often be closed, and you will need snow chains.

Anyway hope this helps, and if you have any further questions please feel free!

Cheers, PC

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