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Where to holiday Corsica


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Corsica is very hilly inland so a car is a must.

Ajaccio side is nicer than the Bastia side but the beach at Santa Guilia near Porto Vechio is one of the best I have been on outside the Caribbean, the village at the bottom tip is worth a visit also.

A great place for camper vans but hard to get water outside of the sites.

A nice place but looks a little rough and didnt feel safe in the camper van out of the campsites, had a few problems with the locals, very different from mainland France.


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This thread prompts me to ask whether anybody has any current experience of the ferry crossings? 

We've been thinking of 'popping over' for a few days by way of a taster of the island.  My impression is that the ferries are adequate but not terrific - any guidance?  Also, a recommendation for a nice civilised hotel within (say) 100kms of one of the fery ports would be helpful.  Autumn stay, probably no more than 3-4 nts.

Thanks in advance.


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I have stayed twice in Corsica and absolutely loved the island.  I stayed in four different areas. Calvi is a lovely little town and there are good drives inland.  The north cape tends to be a bit bleak.  I loved Palombaggia beach near Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio is not to be missed.   Sartene is, for some reason, a very dark town, but there are lovely beaches at Propriano.  Corte is a really fascinating mountain town.  The Col de Bavella offers wonderful walks and views.  Really, it doesn't matter where you go - the whole island is delightful and smells like a bowl of pot-pouri, because of the maquis - the shrubland after which the resistance was named.

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