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We went there for 2 weeks in 1999 and had a super time. The first week on the East coast and the 2nd on the West coast. Although only May the scenery was superb, the weather was hot, the sea warm and the food excellent. Why are we telling you this, the fewer people who know about it, the less spoilt it will remain. And if no one else wants to go, fine! We love it.
Maggie S
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Sorry to reply rather late - have only just seen the postings! Chirac was furious about the lack of respect shown to the French national anthem by the Corsican supporters when it was played, quite rightly too in my opinion. It's a pity all those in authority don't insist on a bit more respect when a country's anthem is played before a (sporting) event.

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Ha! Ha! 

Pity I can't tell him that one, the only Corsican I know because he has left these parts!

I saw a map of France once and the different regions are roughly divided up with labels, some of which the software on this site would edit out.  But Corsicans, according to that map are "terrorists".  These days "terrorists" would be too sensitive to use about anybody, alas!

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