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aaaaaaaaah hummmmm sparky needed!!!

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ok all....we have a 3 phase supply at our property situated dept 79 north coulonges sur l'autize, electric heating supply, well H2o and main electrics run on one phase we think!!!!????... need a confident and experience sparky?plumber to go in and sort this one, possibly to equalize the 3 phrase...
if h2o pump activated by using toilet flush it seems to short if boiler heater is on at same time, hence not allowing heating system to work...actual boiler or heating device is situated in the actual builders opening of the fireplace hhhhhhhoooooohhhhummm!!! this also needs to be removed and placed to an adjacent wall....anyone out there that feels that they have the knowledge and uuuuummmmmpppphhhh to get this job done contact us asap, no need to apply if you charge door to door, this needs someone locally brit or french.... call vik or pete on uk 01752 310081 or 07730893606 or email [email protected] or www.rebootguzzispares.com
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