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cement mixer needed etc etc

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Hi all, does anyone have a cement mixer that we could use/hire August 4th for two weeks....dept 79 coulonges sur l'atise area, la bourtiere..we can collect. Also we need to order, hardcore, and sand...anyone know a local builders merchant. We also need to hire one of those compressing tools to compact the hardcore any ideas etc much appreciated.

Many thanks pete and vikki
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Judging by the lack of response since you posted it would appear that nobody in your area has read your request.
If your area is the same as mine (53) hardcore,sand and the hire of equipment is readily available at your nearest industrial zone.
I helps if you have a trailer to pick up any supplies you need but delivery is easily arranged.
In my area a company called Pigeon (large builders supply merchants) are the best for large quantities of sand and hardcore. For hardcore, if you haven't got any old bricks or blocks I get the stuff that they use for the roads, its a sort of bluish stone and sand mixed together and compacts really well.
Sorry I can't be of any specific help with names of firms in your area.
Just as an aside to that I hired a vibrating double roller when I laid a fairly large patio area and collected it in the back of my Transit van. The ride home with it in the back was interesting to say the least as I virtually had to give notice when I wanted to change direction because of the weight in the back and I half expected it to burst through into the front when I braked.
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Just a further note of caution. If you have not laid concrete before and there is only the 2 of you I would be a bit wary of ordering ready-mix. When it arrives the driver will only want to dump the stuff and get away as quick as he can and a lorry load of concrete can be a bit scary to deal with.
I bought an electric mixer from a builder centre in the UK and I wouldn't part with it. You can mix up concrete with little effort and lay it at your own pace and with a bit of patience make a good job of laying a floor. You can order as much sand as you want because you will always use it. Cement you can get as you want it.
Best of luck.
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