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Rental Property - Ste. hermine.

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Hello,we are looking for a rental property for 2 or 3 months furnished or unfurnished july, august and possibly september.(worst time of year to be looking I know! but it is taking longer than we expected to sort out a property for us to purchase and the house we are renting already has summer bookings so we don't want the owners to lose out!)We would prefer to move out temporarily and keep looking rather than purchase something we are not happy with .Happy to do maintenance work on the property combined with rent if required as we are doing now.Can give references etc...
The property MUST be quite close to Sainte Hermine for my husbands job and the childrens school- Ideally 3 bedrooms but can use 2 if both double rooms. We only want it as a base because it will be mainly for the summer holiday period so out and about. Some garden is preferable for a bbq but it does not have to be huge.
Please send private message if you know/have anything that may be suitable.
many thanks
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Hi Natalie, just read your posting you contacted me regarding managing our holiday home in st juire not far from st hermine but unfortunately we had appointed someone before you got to us...wish we could help but our holiday home would have been ideal for you and the kids oh and hubby 5 mins from st hermine, but we are booked apart from 2 weeks early july ....well anyway if you need a base from mid sept onwards then let us know asap...if you get no joy finding somewhere...let me know also and i can contact a few friends that have homes out there etc
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