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Help to build a web site.

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Can anyone put me in touch with someone that can educate me in the complexities of building a web site from scratch...I have no idea where or how to start...Would be interested to hear about any couses that might be on offer as well..in France or in the U.K.
I live in dept. 16
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LAST EDITED ON 26-May-04 AT 09:39 PM (BST)

Do you want to do it yourself or get someone to build it for you?

Simply putting the site together is not that hard (Microsoft word will export as html - its painful to say that) - making it work as a business tool is something else altogether

A personal site for family and friends then use M$oft word or FrontPage, if its intended to attract business then think carefully


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Where in 16 are you?

I live near Cognac and would be happy to chat with you about the different aspects of web site design.

I use Dreamweaver for my web work but I have seen some excellent sites created in Frontpage.


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You don't need to know much about the medium before you start considering the message. Before you even go near any production tools you should be able to articulate what you need in a Brief. Put together a sheet or two of bullet points under the following headings;

Aims & Objectives
what's it for ? To attract business, to market a service, to tell people about yourself, to sell goods ?

Target Users
who's it aimed at. Gender, age group, culture, economic profile, race, location ?

User Needs
what would make iot attractive/useable. Do your target users make a homogenous group, e.g. computer-literate, non-techie, diaposable income, multi-lingual material ?

Content Scope
what will be on there. Do you need to educate or inform, take/track orders, provide feedback (forum) or chat, login/logout, lots of text, lots of images, animated material (informative or eye-candy), user forms ?

Technical Issues
what might be needed. Database support (existng or new),streaming video, FrontPage support, amount of data to transfer (lots of high res images, etc) ?

Once you've tried to articualte those ideas, you'll be in a better position to decide whether to learn how to do it all yourself and what level of learning you need, or to get involved with others for assistance in some or all of it. That goes the same for choosing the right software tool to develop in. For a pro tool, only consider Dreamweaver and forget in particular any MicroSoft product. There are also a few highly useable WYSIWIG shareware production tools for under 50.

I work as a multimedia consuktant in corporateland, mainly producing specification material based loosely on the above. The more you plan, and resist just piling in and knocking out something/anything, the better your output will be.
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All of Scalehills advice applies and then there are cheaper programs with Templates that you can use to get started.

Serif Page Plus or Web Plus comes to mind and many of the magazines have front cover CD's with older versions of these for free, which require just registration. There is also Microsoft's Publisher and several others.

George, Kent & 72
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Message in your inbox.....

Deux-Sevres (region 79)
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I too am an absolite beginner when it comes to websites, but I've created two using MS Publisher (97). They were very easy to create, although some of the experts on here might well be able to pull it to pieces. I would nevertheless recommend the software as a nice easy 'confidence builder' in web creation, then you may feel ready to try some of the 'better' packages. Oh,BTW the sites I mention are http://www.worcestermalevoicechoir.org.uk and http://www.lumley.org.uk

Take care. Ian L
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