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25 and bored in charante martime!!

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Good to hear from you Charley.

A bicycle is great means of transport in the Charente-Maritime as there are very few hills. Reading your other postings I think you are living somewhere near Gemozac, if so you could cycle to the bar at the Caravelle restaurant, I have noticed they have a pool table there and you could practise your French at the same time. There's a similar set-up at the bar / restaurant at Cravans as well.

Bon courage and do keep us posted.


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[quote]LOL Ian Hoare, I would hope that after a day's renovation that he still has plenty of physical energy left, he is only 25 years old. In his prime I would hope.[/quote]

Teehee, TU. I'm not so sure. I'll make no comments about willowy music students! (Sorery Charley, I',m really not casting nasturtiums). I just find that at 63 I have more physical stamina than many of the young around here! I don't have the sheer strength of a 25 year old, naturally (except mentally of course ) but I do find that I have perhaps learnt to pace myself better, and can still be decorating, or putting up plasterboard or whatever, when the young have worn themselves out.

So LOL right back to you SIR!! (or madam).



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