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Hi all,

after much searching over the internet and at exhibitions etc. we've finally found the place for us. A small campsite with gites in the Loire, near to Saumur. We went over to view, and fell in love. Made an offer and had it accepted! We've been back this weekend to chat with the banks and courtiers and are now well on the way to owning our own corner of paradise. Thanks to magazines like Living France, we've learned lots....and thanks to all who contribute to the forum, we've also picked up loads of info. as well as the essential do's & don'ts!

Looking forward to moving out there soon, well....July/August anyway.

Thanks all.

Stu & Syb....(soon to be 49'ers)

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Sorry, the 'courtiers' are simply mortgage brokers. We had a meeting with Soc. Gen, who quoted us a good rate, but then met with the 'brokers' at our agent's office who quoted us a far better set of rates, terms & conditions.

Our bank to be is Banque Entenial in Angers. Anyone know of it?

We're really excited at the 'mo. Our kids are 18, 16 & 13. They're all really up for it too. The eldest has just returned from a 5-week 'holiday' job on a site in France, and he can't wait to go back.

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