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What do you wish you knew before coming the France?

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Bonjour tout le monde,

As our lovely English neighbours prepare to leave France for a new life in New Zealand, I wonder what you wish you knew about life in France before you made the move.

It's such a shame that it didn't work out for this family here; they didn't really get on with the language, found it difficult (impossible) to find "legal" work here, were disillusioned by the education system for their two girls and of course the old favourite, winter was too cold for them!

For me, I wish that I knew that my teaching qualifications would not be accepted here, (even though my PGCE certificate states "You have the right to teach children up to age 18, anywhere in the EU).   

This wouldn't have stopped us coming to live out here, but it would have meant that I'd have set up my own business sooner.

Many thanks


[email protected]

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It's got to be the language. How I regret giving up French at school when I was 14.

We've made great progress, but everything is 100 times harder if you've not got a good grasp of it.

There are other things that we didn't know about, some good some bad. But for us, that's all part of the adventure of moving here.

All the best



PS If your neighbours found it cold here, what will they make of NZ?

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How much support we didnt recieve from family!

How much paint costs, the lack of bath panels..... an endless list.

But after 12 months, its not a problem, after 12 months its a good place to be.
Try not to let things bother you, like being homesick, although I never have been, not once.

Enjoy, summers here

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