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Is Cognac in the Midi Pyrenees? If so buy the Depeche du Midi and look

in the sports section you might find someone to contact. Friday edition

is probably best. In the SW most towns have a team. Have you tried

Cognac itself? Pat.

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Last weekend I saw a poster in Pons (25 mins from Cognac) for the local team who were playing next Saturday. Phone up the club and see if they can field a veteran team. Damn cold tho' for playing veterans rugby (all that waiting around whilst somebody hunts for his contact lense ...) 
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Make sure there si RFU permission in place!!

1. No constituent body, club, team or player may arrange or fulfil a fixture or series of fixtures outside

England, Scotland & Wales (“Overseas Tour”) without previously obtaining the consent of the RFU


2. In accordance with a ruling of the IRFB, no club, county or constituent body will be permitted to

arrange fixtures with the national XV of any of the foundation unions of the IRFB.

3. Applications for permission to play overseas against a club, district or region not affiliated to any of

the four home unions or being outside their jurisdiction, must comply with the conditions set out in

the following paragraphs of this regulation.

B. Outgoing Tours and Matches

4. Applications to tour overseas should be made if possible at least one month in advance on the official

application form which is obtained through the appropriate constituent body or direct from the

Operations Department. When completed, the form will detail the arrangements offered by the club or

clubs to be played, including the match or matches arranged. After obtaining the approval of the

constituent body, the completed form should be sent to the Operations Department at the earliest

possible date.

5. Each applicant Club must be in membership of the RFU and the proposed host club or clubs must be

members of their own national rugby union. Each application must be supported by the constituent

body to which the club is affiliated.

6. Tours will only be permitted in the close season where the playing season in the overseas country

concerned differs from that laid down by the RFU.

7. If permission is granted the following conditions must be observed:

7.1 No touring team shall consist of more than:

18 players and 2 officials for one match.

21 players and 2 officials for two matches.

26 players and 2 officials for three or more matches.

7.2 If more players and/or officials are included in the party their expenses must not be a charge

on the host union club or school.

8. Within one month of the date of playing the match or the last match of the tour, the official in charge

of the party shall submit to the RFU a duly vouched statement of accounts of the tour and an official

report form (Annex B) duly completed together with general comments on the tour.

C. Insurance*

9. Tours overseas will not be approved unless travel insurance has been taken out. A “package” cover

can be issued by the RFU’s insurance brokers when a club advises them of the details and dates of the

proposed tour and pays the appropriate premium. Details of the cover and benefits are set out in the

RFU’s overseas tour package.

D. Disciplinary Procedure

10. Should a player of a team undertaking a fixture in Europe be ordered from the field during a match,

the official in charge of the party shall report this fact.

10.1 If the player is registered and/or under contract to a Premier or National division club, to

the RFU Disciplinary Officer.

10.2 In all other cases, to the secretary of his constituent body and to the RFU.

In all cases within 48 hours of returning to England, giving an account of the incident. Where 10.1

above applies the player shall be dealt with by the disciplinary panel referred to in paragraph 3 of the

“Delegation of Powers” on page 8/30 of the RFU Handbook, and in all other cases by the disciplinary

committee of his constituent body immediately upon receipt of the referee’s report (Law 26 refers).

Should the referee’s report not be received within 30 days of the player’s return to England, the

disciplinary hearing shall proceed upon the report of the incident given by the person in charge of the


11. Should a player on a tour outside Europe be ordered from the field of play during a match on such a

tour (subject to the terms of any tour agreement), his case shall be adjudicated upon within two days

by a committee convened by the union or sub-union, one of whom shall be chairman. The appointed

committee shall decide upon appropriate punishment for the player and may reach its decision by a

majority vote. There shall be no right of appeal against any decision by the appointed committee. The

appointed committee shall have full discretion as to procedure and as to what evidence it may require,

provided that the player ordered off shall have the right to be heard if he so desires. The chairman

shall convey the findings to the union concerned.

E. Incoming Tours and Matches

12 Clubs wishing to invite teams from outside the four home unions must apply for consent on the

official application form. In applying for such consent they must comply with the following


12.1 Each application must normally be made at least three months in advance.

12.2 The application must be accompanied by a letter of approval from the constituent body to

which the club is affiliated.

12.3 Visiting clubs must be in membership with their own national Rugby Union and must have

written permission from their governing body to tour.

F Disregard of Directions

13. The RFU Council shall have the power to suspend any club or player who may disregard its directions

with regard to a tour or match out of Great Britain and Ireland.


See regulations 7 and 9 of the IRFB regulations relating to the Game.

The RFU strongly recommends any player, coach or referee intending to play, coach or referee overseas, particularly

with invitation teams or at invitation tournaments etc, to check that adequate insurance cover has been effected.

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