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Easyjet to La Rochelle

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I have posted this on another part of the Forum but thought I would put it here as well since it has it is more relevant to this area.

Just noticed that Easyjet will start flying from Bristol to La Rochelle from the 21st July. Flight prices look very reasonable.


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Thanks for that - I had already booked some flight from B'ham that cost loads more.  Oh well, some you win...

Do you, or anybody else for that matter, know where I could park a car

off the road for a few weeks at a time near La Rochelle airport? 

I know the Spanish airports offer year round parking with cars

delivered to the terminal but somewhere legal and safe would do.


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hi, may be a bit late with this, but, i am there every week, the airport that is, and it has just had a huge renovation with regards to the road in and out and masses of more parking spaces put in,it is very busy all the time and athough it is not finished yet, it looks like they may be installing either barriers or pay points there as there are suspicious footings at the entrance to the parking area. it has always been free, but hey, got to pay for it somehow eh.


hope this helps



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Interesting.....I'll have a look soon.

Looks like I might have to put up with spending an hour in a taxi

unless somebody has any other bright ideas. (I've looked at boats from

La Tranche to La Rochelle already!).

-Sorry to hijack this thread but it got me thinking (a bit)


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