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Taxe d'habitation query


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I have just received my TdH and thought that there was quite an increase from last years.

I can see now that we have been charged for 'Contibution a l'audiovisuel Public'. However, as we do not have a telephone line, television or any form of mast etc. and never have had these, this is the first time that I have been charged for this.

The simple solution would be to pay the TdH minus the 'Audiovisuel' with a covering letter? Would it be that simple?

Or, knowing the bureaucracy that could be involved is there another method that they would be prefer?

In previous years I have signed and sent the declaration slip back to them, so this charge hasn't been applied, but this year have not receieved one.

Any info much appreciated,


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There is a box on your tax declaration which you should cross to indicate that you haven't got a TV.

If you didn't do this they will have deduced that you have one.

You should pay it and claim it back, rather than deducting it. It is up to you to ask for a rebate.

Vous ne détenez pas de poste de télévision 


Si vous-même et vos enfants rattachés à votre foyer fiscal, ne détenez pas de téléviseur, vous devez le signaler chaque année sur votre déclaration de revenus.

Plus précisément, si au 1er janvier de l'année, aucune de vos résidences

(principale ou secondaire) n'est équipée d'un téléviseur, vous devez

l'indiquer en cochant la case située en 1ère page de votre déclaration de revenus.

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Could you get away with no TV or aerial but have an internet connection to watch stuff on your computer ? What does téléviseur actually encompass?

Could this argument be used in the UK as well (asking for a friend). Or do you have to pay because you have equipement allowing you to watch it? (I guess I've just answered my own question)



  Actually forget that I've just read the other thread
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Might be too late but........spoke to the very nice lady at our local tax office. She advised to write a letter to your main tax departemental tax office, stating that you do not possess a TV. Then deduct the TV bit payment from your TA and send checque for the difference to your local tax office.
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