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Problems with ASDL connection

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Help!!!!!! (using our friends computer and internet connection!)

After trying to connect 4 different LIVEBOXES and spending a long time talking to Orange and France Telecom we still are unable to use our Internet ASDL system.An independant engineer suggested on the telephone that we got rid of LIVEBOX and purchased a NETGEAR erthanet ASDL modem, only to find exactly the same problem which seems to be either the identification code or password is wrong. we have been assured after 40 mins on the phone with Orange that the codes are correct and there is no more they can do to help us.

I have done a ping test and the line seems to be ok...any suggestions would be much appreciated or if someone could suggest an engineer who can come out to a village about 30 kms east of La Rochelle.Its worth mentioning that this system up until 4 weeks ago was working quite normally until the first LIVEBOX broke down.


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I'm not necessarily suggesting this is your problem, but I had to update the firmware in my Netgear router to the latest version to get it to work at all in France.  Everything seemed perfectly fine, but it just refused to connect.  Very easy to do - check the Netgear website - downloads section, pick your router and follow the firmware upgrade instructions. Oh, make sure you do it over a wired connection rather than wireless to be on the safe side.


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Very difficult to diagnose these things without actually being there but you might want to check out


which has lots of good set up info (if a little dated, I mean 10BaseT really) but includes Windoze XP and most other common operating systems.  There's also a link to Troubleshooting which is very good

Bon chance!


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