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Hello All,

Hooray, after many years of talking and investigating the possibility we have made the first step towards the future and bought a place in France.

We just know the grass is going to be out of control when we visit at the end of June.

Does anybody know of a Grass Cutting service near Moncoutant who we could contact regarding a regular cutting service.



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Hi there

I´m just down the road from you in Le Busseau.

I´ll be happy to come and sort your garden out for you.  I look after a couple gardens here and am a general builder so can help you out there also if needs be..




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Well done ! we did the same two years ago this week , notice you are in Swindon , we are in Shrivenham and our house in France is near Reamur - just down the road from you !!!!!!!!!

Anything you feel you may want to ask get in contact

Happy grass cutting  ( next door does ours !! )







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