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New Antiques Shop (Brocante) in Ruffec

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There is a new Brocante (antiques shop) opened up in Ruffec just down from Whiskey Galore in the old TIC Immobelier shop opposite the hotel..

They are open Wed-Sat 9.30-12.30 - 2.30-6.30 and will be having an official grand open day this Saturday 24th November.

Rod & Val will most probably be in Tuesday this week to get things sorted so if your in Ruffec pop along..

They will be selling furniture, porcelain, glassware, pictures, books (English) etc etc etc..



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At the moment do any antique/Brocante shops buy anything? Having advertised a quantity of items at give away prices I managed to get about 40 requests for photo's and only one person had the decency to say ," Not for me at the moment".

To the new shop owners."Bonne Chance".


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They will buy items but it depends on the price go and see them and ask and if they don't want it put it on ebay (what you got ????) They are offering for people to put items for sale in the shop in which they will take a commission..

Like everywhere else times are hard in the Antiques Trade and opening a shop up is a risk but if you don't try then you don't know..

I will get their full details soon send you it..


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Re. Website

"Your in the centre ville, the Hotel de Ville is on the left the tourist office is on the right, go straight ahead past the Presse to the bottom of the road  as you come to the junction it is on the other side of the road on the right. Opposite the Hotel la Toque Blanche."


[8-)]Should that read     ................................."You're in the centre ville" ???



I see it has now been corrected, well done[:)]



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