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We had a new supply added to our second house last November (06) We had to pay a digger man to sink OUR cable into the ground. The EDF then took the cable from our boundary, underground to the pylon. I believe that its the law now that there's no overhead cables. Its about 20mtrs from the pylon to the Gite. It cost us 940 euro for the EDF's work + our digger man.

Hope this helps


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We paid for what they described as liaison b between €262 and €274. Essentially that represents the cost of connecting the cable from the box to the house. It is done by a sub contractor on behalf of EDF. If you have to pay to have cable brought to the box and have the box installed then you will incur additional costs, depending on the distance. In addition you will have to pay an abonnement of around €55 when you commence.



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