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Where did you move to?

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Moved to Guitinieres, Jonzac nearly 4 years ago renovated a house, sold it. 

Moved to Leoville (between Jonzac and Chevanceaux) at the end of July 2007 to start up a B&B and I LOOOOOVE IT HERE!!! Good neighbours, fab mayor, no barking dogs all night, no traffic (apart from the odd tractor) and a pool! I'm in heaven! Oh, and our paying guests have been lovely - so far!


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[quote user="ChezShells"]

Post your village, i'll start

2004-06 - Vernoux-en-Gatine (79) Deux Sevres

Then 06-07- Nr La Chataigneraie (85) Vendee

Now - St Front La Riviere (24) Dordogne


Just joined so bit behind.

BUT I live there. on me holidays. for the last 6 years   (Vernoux en Gatine)

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Hi all, New to the forum so looking forward to reading thru the posts. We, thats me, hubby and 6 year old son, live in little Hamlet 10 mins from Chantonnay, 25 mins from Fontenay in area 85. Have been here just over 3 years after moving from Norfolk and loving it! Anyone out there like to meet up for coffee and chat - Im always happy to make new friends?
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[quote user="woody2122"]Chezshells why do you keep moving house all the time, did you ever go to the piano bar in vernoux[/quote]

we like to explore different regions

It was hardly open but friends managed to get in when we house swapped and had a great time, the chef was also the piano player and a character by all accounts, think its been for sale a while.

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[quote user="Llwyncelyn"]

2001/2007 Percy near Villedieu (50) since December 2007 Foussais Payre (85) and have to admit missing Le Manche.

Still early days but perhaps its a comfort factor thing knowing where to go what to do who does what that sort of thing.



So did we (miss Manche) so we're moving back Feb/March

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