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BD Festival in Angouleme

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Can anyone tell me a bit about this?

I've looked at the official website but I am still wondering if it is something which non-specialists could enjoy, or essentialy for BD boffins.

It would be interesting to hear about your impressions of the festival.

With thanks

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You are probably enquiring about the cartoon festival that is held each year? If I said BD to most people they would not know what I was talking about!. Hope to go this year, promised myself each year though. Apparently it is spread over quite an area and in different venues, each year the weather has been bitterly cold which has put me off. This year in the afternoons....you can watch a cartoon being created on a large screen to the sound of a live orchestra....which sounds pretty good to me.

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The BD Festival is well worth a visit .. as is the beautiful city of Angouleme itself. If you have never been to Angouleme you are certainly missing something very special. Take a look at one of my blogs - Secret Gem of The Charente - to catch some of the "sights" worth seeing on your visit. As for the festival itself, it is a remarkably well organised event, with many of the squares around the centre of Angouleme totally covered over with marquees and "heated" tents .. it is certainly not a "shivering "experience ! ! Day tickets are available to enable entry to all the "closed" areas - including those where the artists are there busily creating cartoon strips "on the spot".

Hope this is helpful


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If you are very very lucky Robert Crumb may be there and Alan Moore - I found I lived near him when I went to view his house when it was for sale. Strange man and house there were two saphic ladies living in the loft.

Nearly printed one of his early books. He also used to drink in a rough biker pub in town. A very unusual and talented man. One of his latest graphic novels was very erotic.

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