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I need someone to update my website!

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This is quite easy as long as you have access to your site. 

If you paid somebody to do it in the first place, they may expect you to go back to them for updating, so may not be keen to tell you the access code.

There are plenty of free web site publishing programs to download (unless you have MS FrontPage already) if you want to experiment with different schemes. 

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Sorry about responding to an ancient post, but I don't pass by this section often.

I would have happily updated your website, and probably improved it no end in the process. I can do HTML blindfold, though CSS is a bit of a pain. I would tend to avoid off the shelf websites, they are notoriously inefficient in terms of coding, and will do nothing for download times. I sometimes use a free one if I see a good template, but end up rewriting most of it to make it more efficient. There is also a bit of skill in optimising pictures and documents for web use, and a million ways to display them. If you don't understand java scripts then you are stuck with whatever display format is in the template.

I have lost count of the number of home made sites that people have set up to advertise their business. Bearing in mind that it is their shop window to the world, some look like the equivalent of a MOT failure, rather than a Rolls-Royce. There are a multitude of things to consider, basic rules of site construction, search engine optimisation, backgrounds, resolution, menu's, navigation and above all, content.

A poorly constructed site that is difficult to navigate, loads each page slowly, and contains a poor layout and spelling mistakes is not going to endear your customers to you. It gives a terrible impression of what might be a top spec business. The potential customer will simply look elsewhere, all it takes is a mouse click. One should also remember that what looks good on your pc which may be running a hig-res display and loaded via broadband, may be useless to someone on a 10 year old pc with a dial-up connection?

The comment regarding passwords etc might be true in some circumstances, and I have had to unravel work of this nature in the past. However, one way around this is to buy the domain name, and use your own webspace (usually provided free by an ISP). There is something called domain forwarding that leaves you in total control of the website in the event that your web site designer goes awol.

Oh, and select the domain name before you name your business. If you do it the other way around, you may well find that someone already owns the domain name..and you are then dead in the water.

Just food for thought.

Rob G

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