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Mobile Home: sell or swap?

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Hi All

We have a delema, We are about to move to the North of the UK which means that

a, We will have a whole new area to explore

b, We will not be able to get out to our Mobile Home in the Vendee

We absoloutly love France & the Vendee region and our home is superb but we will only be able to visit maybe once a year. We do not want to rent or let as we have had it since new (2005) and it is like brand new.

A thought we have had, does ayone know of there is such a web site where people can swap mobile homes, there must be someone who would want to have a place in France who may want to swap their mobile home in the UK? It would be far more cost effective but would we like it? It would be sensible.

The only other option we have is to sell our mobile home

Any thoughts would be appreciated


Many thanks



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