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Moving to Deux Sevres/Vendee

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I hope to be moving to the Deux Sevres/Vendee area later this year, or when I sell my house in Pas de Calais! I am a single young 69 year old lady who wants a change of area. I would like to ask some of you if you can recommend towns that would suit someone on their own. And with an active social scene for ex-pats. I aim to visit sometime in April to have a look round but people who already live there can possibly give me some help before then.

And about snakes...............do you see that many as I have a huge phobia of reptiles.



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Hi Sandra,

There is quite a lot of information about the Vendée on my website (see www tab below), though I have not updated it much recently as I am in the process of selling my own place there.

Regarding events for socialising with other British residents, I am not sure how much goes on around me, though the nearby village of Apremont does have quite a lot of Brits living year-round. There is also a British-run shop open a couple of days a week at a local farm.

You may find larger British communities towards the eastern side of the Vendée, around Vouvant and La Chataigneraie; and beyond there, in the Deux-Sevres, I believe that L'Absie is also popular.

I suppose one way to meet fellow ex-pats might be to join one of the church groups if that is your thing: All Saints Vendée holds regular services in my area and also in eastern Vendée; and an organisation called "Joie de Vie" holds services near the resort of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie.

Regarding reptiles, I suppose in the 40-odd years that I have been going there I have seen no more than three snakes anywhere - and they have always been in uncultivated areas. You are not very likely to see them - in my area at least - in a garden.

I do get lovely lizards scampering up the outdoor walls in the summer sunshine.

Good luck with your search

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