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Sweet, they are called 'raquettes à neige'! Very hard work actually, much harder than cross country skiing. Remember though, Les Contamines is in the Alps, not the Jura.

Wools - I did live there for 19 years, and visited about 3 times a year in past 39 years ... and remember many a very happy Spring, and warm Summers, and absolutely glorious autumns.

And lots of snow - 30C and quite a bit of rain. Variety is the spice of life they say.

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Yes we are - OMG we are being invaded! We know a nice couple from Kent who have a holiday home in Metabief. lol.

Will you be living there permanently? I am surprised Woollies sarcasm about our weather hasn't put you off! At your disposal for any help or info, and looking forward to meeting you. A bientot.  Odile

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