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Query about the D518

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Hi I'm in the process of planning the (May) 2012 Citroën Classic Challenge tour and have a question. Someone here might be able to give me an update.

Apparently the well-regarded route D518 St. Marcellin to Die (Les Grands Goulets / Parc du Vercors) is closed since heavy landslides/rockfalls a few years back pending repairs. Has it reopened yet (or is it imminent)? Is there a recommended detour (and what is it?). Any advice/news welcome.

Many thanks,


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Grands Goulets is closed - at least it was 2 years ago - and frankly I doubted if it would reopen.  There is a tunnel bypass to Les Barraques - impressive engineering, if somewhat lacking the views.  Via Micheline seems to show however that the route is open, so I have to say that I am uncertain.

Alternative routes might be the Bourne Gorge from Pont en Royans - also has been subject to rock falls near the Corranche - or Combe Laval - very spectacular engineering.

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