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Macon or Tournus??

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My husband & I have 2 days to explore a new town after spending a week in Lyon & before flying out of Roissy for Chicago. We won't have a car at this point, so we'd like a location conducive to walking. We'd also like a town within easy access to the TGV.

Note: we will also have spent 10 days in the Beaune & Meursault areas.

Any suggestions or votes for Macon or Tournus? Both look interesting.

Thank you!
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A week is a long time in Lyon without a car.

If it was me, I would take a train from Lyon to either Besancon or Strasbourg.

Both loverly cities to explore by foot.

Then TGV it back to CDG.

The two places you mention are not that interesting.

An alternative (in that area you are looking at) is Cluny if you can work out how to get there from Lyon. I am sure you can go by bus. It is only 45 mins away.

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