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any farms out there?

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we have been looking for a farm in southern france for about a year now. Does anyone know of any for sale, either a neighbour or an agent who might have some on their books. We would like at least 80ha, suckler cows(not dairy), sheep, arable or a mixture of these would be preferable. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
thanks again
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The farms here in North 46 seem to be sheep OR cows OR goats in the Causse for Rocamadour cheese (in our hamlet Guy has milkers but no "sous la mere" and grows grass and maize). And at 80 ha you would take over the whole valley !!

Though just an hour or so away in Cantal the farms are much bigger.

I would have thought that a net trawl would find estate agents who specialise in agriculture. Doesn't the NFU have contacts ?


John not Di

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This site has plenty http://www.safer-garonne-perigord.com/ and if you haven't heard about them as yet it is as well to understand the role of SAFER (societe d'amenagement foncier et d'etablissement rural)in french farming as I think they may have to approve your farming enterprise. I know they have the opportunity to intervene in the sale of any farmland. Lots of info on the web about them.
Bonne Chance
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