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24 or 47?

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After settling on the Dordogne as our ideal place to be, my wife and I are due out in a few weeks for house hunting etc.
However, we have heard from a few people that the Lot-et-garonne is a beautiful place and well worth a look.
As I work in the building industry we feel that the Lot area may be a bit too quiet.
Any thoughts,advice would be greatly appreciated.
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My in-laws have a place in Dordogne so know that area well and thought we would probably settle there when we came out here but ended up buying a place in Lot et Garonne. I don't feel that it's much quieter here but it depends on what you mean. Can't comment on the Lot as don't know it very well.
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47 or 24 ?
we moved to 47 last year and yes its beautiful etc and still unspoiled which is not true of most of 24 at certain times of the year.
there are lots of opportunities here for a builder as there are few who speak english and some of those have a tarnished reputation plus the french artisans ??? are very expensive and sometimes dificuilt to deal with.

hope this helps

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