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Shopping for house furnishings in 47

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Can anyone help with suggestions of shops to visit re house furnishings in either Agen or Villeneuve

We are hoping to get our house completed soon - in French building terms probably 8 months ! - so will need to start looking where to go for beds/bedding, tables/chairs, electrical goods, lamps , mirrors - the list is endless - all info gratefully received

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Hi there

You will find that in most major towns there are commercial zones which will have many, many large stores that specialise in what you need. The biggest would be BUT and Conforama who sell all household items like seating, beding, electrical goods, etc and the chances are that when you see them the others will be close by.
One note:- when buying a bed it's a different operation than in the UK. First you buy the frame, then you choose the matress support and then the matress.

Good luck

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We have recently completed in 47 (10km north of Fumel)and now need to do the same as you. We will be over in France in 2 weeks time shopping for electricals & light fittings, so will let you know how we did. We've just ordered some basic furniture (beds / mattresses / sofabed / armoire) from IKEA.
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LAST EDITED ON 30-Apr-04 AT 03:47 PM (BST)

I posted a reply to this a couple of days ago, but it seems to have disapeared.

We are about 40 minutes south of Agen in 32 and pretty much in the same boat as you as far as furniture is concerned. We have had most success in the large centre commercial just south of Agen off N21.

If you follow the sign to Carrefour, there is a brilliant Castorama and a Colorama and several other general furnishing stores. Jardinland is just before Carrefour and we got some bargain wooden garden furniture there. Avoid Carrefour itself unless you have one of their frequent shopper cards, which have special rapid checkouts. Without a card, there was only one checkout with a very long queue.

If you follow the sign for Geant, you will spot an excellent furniture store called L'Inventaire where we purchase an excellent bed and some bedroom furniture. We will probably return on our next trip. They were able to deliver, on time, the next day at a charge of 50 euros, but delivery was free for two items, so it is always worth haggling about that.

There were also some good garden furniture deals at our local Champion.

We have much more furniture shopping to do on our next trip, so I would appreciate hearing how you get on.


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