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Curtain Heading Tape etc.

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We found a reasonable selection of all kinds of haberdashery including curtain heading tape in Mondial Tissus in Ibos (Tarbes). This is in 65 and a bit far away but I'm pretty sure it is one of a chain so there may be a branch near you.
Good luck! Val
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Thank you for all your replies.

leschenauds - I don't know of one locally but will see if I can find a web site with a list of stores.

Val_DOuest - Have been to Mondial Tissus in Bergerac but they only seemed to have a very limited range of heading tape prepacked and quite expensive. I was in a rush to get back for the school bus so didn't get a chance to ask the assistant. I will have another go next time I am in Bergerac.

Penny29 - Is this store on the trading estate where Bricodept is? Not very familiar with Perigueux but know where this is in Trlissac.

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