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No winter flights to Toulouse

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Oh dear! Just checked BMI Baby's winter schedule. They are not doing any winter flights (i.e. after end of October) Nottingham (East Midlands) to Toulouse. Luckily this year's autumn half term ends in October, but the last 2 years it's gone into November. This is very disappointing as we live in Nottingham and Toulouse is the nearest airport to our French House which we bought last summer.
Anyone know of any reasonable alternatives? Nottingham-Bordeaux is possible but no flights on Saturdays.
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I'm disappointed to hear this. I'm surprised there appears to be no business traffic between Toulouse and Nottingham EMA, given the latter's proximity to Derby and Rolls Royce. I have used both BMIbaby and FlyBE to Toulouse several times in the last year and all the horror stories relate to FlyBE - not to mention that their fares appear to be considerably higher.

If your name is an indication of your location in France, you will find that Bordeaux will involve a drive which will only be 15 - 20 minutes longer than from Toulouse
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