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any thirtysomethings in The Lot?

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i just wondered if there were any young thirtysomethings in The Lot - especially Northern Lot.

I have a number of French friends but i miss English chit chat so badly I've resorted to buying 'OK' Magazine (it's that bad!). My French friends are also a lot older than me and much of the conversation revolves around their 'maladies'.

Would be great to hear from anyone...my partner would also like to meet other bikers...especially if interest is in sportsbikes.

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Just saw your message and thought i'd reply even though we are in aude on the plateau d'sault, half hour from axe les thermes or 1 hour from foix.

we are thirty somethings, me 35 and bird, (my wife sarah 30 next time around), and not used it for a year, but have a dormant zx6r. one day i will get time to use it again but its peak season for our bar, cafe and chambre d'hotes.

if you travel down near andora way then please feel free to pop in: belvis, 11340. only bar in the village impossible not to find

Kind regards
Julian and sarah
le petit jardin
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