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A Realistic Offer

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Can anybody help ? We have been looking at many properties in Gers but have yet to find the ideal one for us. My question is, how realistic are the asking prices, especially those advertised on the internet, or alternatively is there are a rule of thumb that can be applied when making an offer that is serious without paying too much.

The reason I ask is that we have now seen many properties of a similar ilk but have yet to get a real feeling for the true value. Obviously I realise that this is a little like asking the length of a piece of string, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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One way to get a rough idea would be to compare prices between immobiliers of similar houses to see if there's any parity. After that it depends how much you want a particular house, how many others are after it etc. What do you mean by true value? From the adverts I've seen in the 32 you could probably get something cheaper through a private sale, but you would need to speak and understand french. Pat.
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