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Lot et garonne

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we have been offered a long term let in Monclar d,agenais,to the west of Villeneuve s-lot.
Although we have visited Bergerac to the north and Agen to the south,we don,t know a great deal about Villneuve sur-lot and the surrounding villages,areas etc.
Any information,experience of the lot et garonne in general would be gratefully received,both positive and negative.

Geoff and Donna
looks like a fine sunny day in Kent today.
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I could tell you lots, having had a house there for 10 years ...

But why not just go and find out for yourself? You can't see the world through other people's eyes, nor can anyone else know what is important to you. Experience the place ... you might like it, you might hate it ... but you can't use other people's perceptions to determine your own.
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Hi Geoff and Donna,
we moved to the villeneuve area last oct to live and run a gite business ( with a 3 year old and a 2 month old baby!) and at first the town was uninspiring - however it has a certain charm which grows on you and a few nice restaurants etc.the area could definatley be described as a proper french working town - complete with all the facilities like schools /hospitals /trains and three weekly markets including an organic one.the countryside is stunning and house prices are typically higher than most rural areas of france - but not unaffordably so.

[email protected]


steve cormack

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We do not live far from villeneuve and we find it a pleasant market town, my wife likes the shops as there are some very good clothes shops, best go monday morning when they are shut!!
Ther are pretty good supermakets on the outskirts I am sure you will enjoy living here. we are now on our third house in SW France!
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I have just seen your message and can't believe you are in the same village as us.We are going on the 4th September furniture arrives on the 5th we hope!Please let us know where you are as we will be there at the same time.We love the village and have met loads of people both french and english. Look forward to your reply!!
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Many thanks to all those who took the time to respond (some messages seem to have vanished ).

We move out to Monclar on Friday and are really excited but a little nervous too. I have got loads of information from this forum over the last six months which will hopefully help us along the way.

Thanks again!! 

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