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Rabies Vaccination Necessary!

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A neighbour has called me today to tell me that all dogs and cats must now be vaccinated against rabies.  I don't know how wide an area this covers but it must be at least South West France because of the problem with a rabid dog in Perigord.

She tells me that if dogs are caught wandering and the owner cannot provide certification for rabies vaccine they will be destroyed.  The vaccine also takes a month before it is effective, so they must not be allowed to wander in the interim.  (Try telling my dogs they are banned from visiting the neighbours bitches on their daily stroll!)

Our vet has previously advised us it was not necessary to vaccinate, and as we do not take them back to UK on our infrequent trips, we did not think it necessary.  I have rung the vet this afternoon and he has confirmed they must be done.

Hasty trip to the vet.....


47 Lot-et-Garonne     www.faysselle.com

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Join the club - we are in the North Dordogne and our mutts are going in for their jabs on Monday afternoon, whereas only a few months ago when we took the dogs down for their normal vaccines we were told rabies was not necessary.

The vets was really busy today with people rushing to get the mandatory jabs done.

I blame that fool who bought in a dog from Morocco.

My bank manager is not amused!


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[quote]Penny, Can you give me the full story on this 'rabid dog' so I can pass it on?[/quote]

Some Outline Info on the Rabies Problem it doesnt look like there has been any human outbreaks but obviously better to take precautions . Apologies for translations / summarys from SUD OUEST

Rabies Alert in South-West France

A case of rabies in a dog in South-West France. The dog, which had been imported illegally to France from Morocco, had been in contact with people in the Gironde/Dordogne/Lot-et-Garonne departments, including Bordeaux, Périgueux and Bergerac, areas that see significant numbers of tourists at this time of year.

The animal, now dead, was only 4 months old, and of average size with long brown hair.

The Public are advised that if they recently sustained a bite from a dog fitting this description while travelling between the 2nd and the 21st of August in South-West France, they should urgently seek medical advice from their GPs or A&E Department.

Rabies is only likely if a person has been:

• bitten,

• scratched,

• licked in the face/mouth/eyes or

• licked on broken skin (cuts/grazes/gashes)

by the affected animal.

Rabies is a serious but preventable viral disease of mammals which infects the central nervous system, causing encephalopathy and ultimately death. The virus may lie dormant in the body for several weeks before symptoms appear, which at first consist of fever and headache. A person who is bitten by a rabid animal but given rapid treatment with rabies vaccines can expect not to develop rabies.

France should still be regarded as remaining free of the disease.


ALERTE A LA RAGE. - The medical authorities are in search of six people and three dogs who been in contact with the infected dog who died on the 21st August at the SPA in Bordeaux

In particular they are looking for a Dutch National - Josephus Van den Horst who would have been in contact with the dog on Bordeaux Quays in Mid August. He has been traced to Pau and Saint Palais

A Spanish woman and her daughter who live in Paris have been traced who had been in contact with the dog on the 10th August at Bordeaux . There dog a West Highland Terrier has been taken for observation

1600 calls have been received by the Prefecture of the Gironde since August 27th of these 210 cases are being investigated and 46 were vaccinated.

The Police continue to search for a young boy who played with the dog on Thursday 12th August at the time of the Festival Art de Libourne during a late evening Theatrical performance on the Rialto Car Park. And a further two children at the place de la Bourse, à Bordeaux.


THE DORDOGNE, THE GIRONDE, LOT-ET-GARONNE. The shooting season opens with no dogs

After several days a decision has been taken to allow hunting but without dogs in the Dordogne.Gironde and Lot de Garonne

The Government hads confirmed that whether the dogs are vaccinated , tattooed,chipped people must be patient for one month in the three departments (9th October)

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Just a few updates.

When in Perigueux this week we saw that all the large supermarkets had official notices in the pet food aisles  - we didn't read them thoroughly as we had already made arrangements for our dogs to have their jabs but believe there is a time limit (poss 3 months) for everyone to get their dog innoculated against rabies. The notices basically said that all dog owners must have their pets innoculated and chipped (or tattooed) within the time limits and that there will be heavy fines for any dog owner found not to be complying.

Our local hunt has more-or-less been cancelled due to the ban on using dogs, also dog clubs and dog training classes have been cancelled indefinitely.


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Update from original posting.

Took the dogs and cat to the vet on Wednesday for their jabs and got a little more information.

Vaccination is only necessary in Gironde, Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne.  It is not compulsory to have dogs vaccinated, but if they are not they must remain enclosed and can only be taken out on a lead and must be muzzled.  Cats should not be allowed to roam!

If dogs are found out wandering and are not tattooed/chipped and owner has no vaccination certificate, they will be taken away and destroyed.

To say our vet was stressed with the number of people descending on him for vaccinations and tattooes for their hunt dogs is a slight understatement......!


47 Lot-et-Garonne

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Received this information from our local animal sanctuary today.



A dog confirmed as having rabies travelled widely in this region during August. For the safety of your pet and the general public, your dog/cat needs to be identified (tattoo or microchip) and vaccinated against rabies.

As a guide to our members, here is our interpretation of the Ministerial Order dated Sept.3rd, 2004 concerning the precautions against an outbreak of rabies.

All the new regulations apply to the Gironde, Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne (the Zone) and are effective for 6-months.


1.      Dogs   If identified (tattooed or microchipped) and properly vaccinated against rabies (i.e. possessing a certificate valid from one month from the date of vaccination and lasting a year) they are allowed outside and off the lead as long as they are under the surveillance and control of their masters.

In a public place, the owner should carry the certificate of rabies vaccination to show on demand.

If not identified or with a valid rabies vaccination certificate, dogs must be shut-in, kept on a fixed tether or, if in a public place, be on a lead and muzzled. Such dogs must not leave the Zone.


2.      Cats.  Even if identified and vaccinated against rabies, all cats must be kept shut indoors or kept in cages for 6-months. They may be transferred from place to place in a closed cage or basket.


3.      No cat, dog or other domestic carnivore without i.d. or a valid rabies vaccination certificate, may be relinquished by its owner, unless for its euthanasia by a Vet. with a ‘mandat sanitaire’.


4.      No domestic carnivore without i.d. and valid rabies vaccination certificate can enter the Zone unless, if a dog, muzzled and on a lead, or, if a cat, kept in a cage or basket.


5.      All unidentified stray dogs or cats in the Zone that are admitted to pounds (SPA or ‘fourrières’) will be put down.


6.      If the stray dog or cat is identified, the owner can reclaim the animal on production of a valid rabies vaccination certificate. If not the animal will be put down.


7.      Any illness or death of a domestic carnivore must be immediately shown to a Vet. possessing a ‘mandat sanitaire’.

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