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Transport Bergerac to Cazals

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Dear Claire,


i'm afraid that if you want to use public transport(which are not direct) it could take 3 days!!! And there are 80 km minimum between bergerac to cazals and using a taxi will cost you a lot(nevertheless, you could try to negociate if you call a company before coming in France).

Perhaps could you rent a car, which i think is the cheapest way. Good luck.




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Thanks for your replies.  Eventually the agent picked my partner up from Bergerac (he couldn't drive at the time due to a shoulder injury otherwise we would have hired a car).  It's good to know that there's a train from Bergerac to Villefranche though.  We have just paid over our deposit for a house outside Marminiac and can't wait to move.

Thanks again  Claire

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