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I found smoked, sliced gammon which had very little salt in it, suitable for baking or grilling.  This was in the large Intermarche at Perigueux [the one with the Brico across the road].  Look in the cooked, prepacked meat section. There are 5 slices in a pack.  I have forgotten what it was called but it was pretty obvious that it was gammon.

Hope this helps.


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I've noticed that it's quite common around here ( Gers ) for people to kill and salt their own pigs. You can buy the big bags of preserving salt, and huge cooking pots for other kinds of preparation. You don't see salted or smoked meat of any type on the butchery counters. Only in sealed packs in the Deli fridges. Pat.
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This was raw gammon and had to be cooked, but not by boiling.  I have never seen the boiling kind anywhere in France.  I miss it too. My favourite is Danish, well smoked and not cured by brine injection. Sadly it is hard to find nowadays. [dry cured I mean]  I think I probably confused you by telling you to look in the cooked prepacked meat section, but that was where I found it!!!!
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Do you mean a ham joint or slices. I can certainly buy salted ham/bacon joints and do. Tend to be a bit costly, but usually very nice. They are often on the charcuterie counter, although not always and come in very weird shapes and sizes.

I boil them up in unsalted water, drain that and then cook them in fresh water with some herbs in.

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[quote]Sorry but I feel physically sick at this discussion. Pigs are beautiful creatures and deserve better than to be eaten. Pork tastes like human flesh - please stop and think...[/quote]

How do you know that pork tastes like human flesh unless you have tasted human flesh Now I am feeling sick at the thought  of a canibal out there somewhere

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I read somewhere that the fuzzy-wuzzies out in Borneo or similar, renowned for eating dead enemies, use the phrase "long pig" to describe humans - supposedly because of taste of flesh.

Though whether the intended victims are humanely housed in free range conditions or slaughtered in a considerate manner was not mentioned.


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[quote]People may not want to eat human flesh but pigs will if given the chance;there have been a number of cases of small children and babies and bodies being eaten by pigs(cuddly or not).[/quote]

There have also been cases of humans eating humans and humans feeding humans to pigs. I have yet to hear of pigs keeping humans for meat. I was not being anthropomorphic.

Recent case: CANADIANS horrified by the discovery of an alleged serial killer in their midst have been confronted with even worse news -- they may have eaten animals that ate the victims.

The farmer suspected of killing at least 22 women is feared to have disposed of their bodies by feeding them to his pigs.

The pigs were then slaughtered on his farm, 30km east of Vancouver, and the meat given to hundreds of locals.

Police this week confirmed samples of the pig meat probably contained human DNA, raising the prospect that those living near the farm of suspected killer Robert William Pickton "ate" his victims.

Pickton, 54, apparently had a habit of slaughtering pigs, wrapping up the meat and distributing it to associates and friends.

Many of Pickton's victims were prostitutes. The killer regularly gave pork from his farm to other sex workers.

"Those are my friends that he served up," said one prostitute this week after learning she may eaten meat contaminated with her friends' DNA.

Families of the missing women expressed shock at the news, with one telling a Vancouver radio station: "I'm not eating dinner tonight."

Police have asked anyone with frozen pork products from the farm to turn them into authorities immediately.

Health officials are examining whether human pathogens and diseases such as hepatitis and HIV could have been transferred through the meat products.

Police arrested Pickton in February 2002, but only announced this week they had found human remains and other DNA samples at the farm.

Pickton has been charged with 15 counts of first-degree murder in the disappearances of women over the past 20 years.

Many of the victims vanished from Vancouver's drug-ridden areas. More than 60 prostitutes went missing over the past decade and are feared to have been murdered at the farm.

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