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Reclamation Yards

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[quote]Hi Mike,I too would be interested in this, I have been asking various people who have been living here for quite some time, but to no avail, if I hear of anything, will let you know.[/quote]

Thanks for response. Have found this site near Agen http://materiaux-anciens-agen.com/

Over next week so will have a drive up and check them out

Any one used them?

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Hi there

It might be a bit out of your way but if all else fails you could try:

Ets Orsettig, Daniel

47320 Clairac  (south Lot et Garonne)

Tel: 05 53 84 34 21

You could always quiz them by phone first.  I recently managed to find a 7metre recovered oak beam there and whilst 'shopping' noticed that they had huge quantities of old bricks, roof tiles, stones etc.  It was like a toyshop for renovators!

Good luck


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Back from the Gers and did visit the yard outside Agen and got exactly what we needed. Not a huge site but found the guy helpfull. Had exactly what we needed and seemed to have a reasonable collection of stone blocks,tiles and old beams.


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