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French lessons at Pamiers (09)

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If you are looking for french lessons and live anywhere near Pamiers you may like to know that a new course has just started at the MJC in Pamiers. There are three levels - beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Contact number for the MJC is


Jan Laury

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Thanks for the information.  I'm moving into a small hamlet 20 mins (French driver speed) due west of Pamiers next spring (my plans for this autumn fell through) and I will definitely need lessons.  GCE O level is not adequate!! I am giving CDs a go but I think I need the discipline of a class.


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Hi Deemar

I'm moving to La Bastide de Besplas on D628 just beyond Daumazan.

I'm grinding my teeth a bit over the delay but it will give me the chance to review (budget?)carefully what I need to do to the house and atelier.

I will be visiting LaBdB in December/January as I am trying to organize furniture shipment for then.

If you are anywhere near - how about a coffee?

Coral - soon to be in Ariege
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