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House hunting north of Montauban, area Caussade

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Hi, looking for a Plain-pied in Caussade area, is there anyone out there to talk to or meet on our, as yet unplanned , next visit ? Two elderly but sprightly retireds, 3k miles/yr cycling, 1k motorcycling, also walking. Campingcar owners.
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Nice to read a post from someone in my area - I have a house about 20 mins by car from Caussade, near St Antonin Noble Val - do you know it? I haven't started to visit regularly yet, but hope to soon, although I still have a big task ahead of me doing up my house. If your visit happens to coincide with one of mine I'd be pleased to meet for a coffee somewhere and talk about the area and the little I've learned about it.

Hope to hear from you,


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