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Aveyron climate etc

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thinking of relocating in the next few years from Brittany.  Perhaps to Aveyron but need to do homework first.  Any advice on climate would be appreciated, places to avoid looking, winters, etc appreciated.  Looking for a house with land for horses, and barn preferably for stables and storage.



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Fil, we only know the Lot/Aveyron and Tarn/Aveyron borders but always notice that leaving home, say in the Lot, and travelling in to the Aveyron the weather gets progressively colder the further east you travel.  Makes perfect sense for it's higher, further inland = more of a continental climate, etc. but it's clearly noticeable.  For years I was always surprised to see such low temperatures on the daily meteo for Rodez from September through to April as I'd always thought of it as a southern France town.  Would imagine it can be quite warm in summer though - again the continental influence. 

Whatever, scenically it's a very beautiful departement, quite spectacular in places, and still unspoilt.  M

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