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Train to Andorra

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We have a house near Lavelanet and usually ski in Ax but would like to visit Pas de la Casa next week when we are out there. Does anyone know if we can get a train from Foix to Pas. We have a car out there but don't fancy the mountain roads in February.

Also does anyone else live near Lavelanet?

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You can take the train from Foix the journey is just over an hour and cost approx €27 return have a look at http://www.voyages-sncf.com

By Train: from Foix to L’Hospitalet pres l 'Andorre (France) (about 3 km. from the Andorran border)

From L’Hospitalet to Andorra (Pas de La Casa) (by bus) regular service, I don't know any details, but would assume it ties in with the train arrivals.

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