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Amateur Dramatics/Murder Mystery

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I have just run an excellent Murder Mystery Weekend at our place.  I used a couple of my good friends to help 'the cast' fill certain roles. Now my friends have got the 'acting bug' and want to put together a amateur dramatics group or maybe do more Murder Mysteries!

Anyone interested contact me.


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I've been on three of these weekends in hotels in the UK organised by the company I worked for.

Was yours in French or English?! Was it a DIY Murder Mystery or did you hire a professional Company? Did you have any French guests and what did they think of it?

Great fun, I can thoroughtly recommend going along.

Are you organising any more Deby?
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We hired a professional theatre company of 7 actors who performed various scenes during the weekend.  All the clues were visual rather than bits of paper with information etc.   The theatre company are based in the UK and performed for our 14 English guests (a 40th Birthday Party).

It was excellent fun and I plan to do more of these (out of season of course!)

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